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Laser spider vein removal in Brooklyn

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Laser vein removal in Brooklyn

Laser spider vein removal in Brooklyn
Laser spider vein removal in Brooklyn

As their name indicates, spider veins have the appearance of the webs spun by arachnid creatures. Typically red, purple, or blue, they are the result of blood vessels that become twisted and show through your skin. I you have them, then you are not alone. Up to 60% of people experience them as they age. But with our laser spider vein removal in Brooklyn, you can rid yourself of the self-conscious and awkward feeling you get from having them show. They occur when blood valves allow your blood to flow the wrong way and pool inside the vein. This weakens the walls of your blood vessels. They then become twisted. It is most common to experience them on the legs. Although everyone is susceptible to getting spider veins, there are risk factors that make it more likely. For example, they are more common in women than men. In addition to age, obesity, genetic history, and pregnancy make you more prone to them, as does any previous surgery or trauma to the area in question.
Availing yourself of our laser spider vein removal in Brooklyn is certainly about appearance mostly. This condition is not dangerous in most cases, although skin ulcers may form sometimes, particularly around the ankle. Instead of or in addition to our laser procedure, Dr. Ghatan may recommend solutions such as wearing compression stockings, which are designed to alleviate any discomfort or pain you are feeling and boost blood circulation in your legs. Lifestyle adjustments, like weight loss or a strategy of walking regularly can be helpful as can reducing your salt intake and elevating your leg whenever the opportunity presents itself.
The benefits of our laser spider vein removal in Brooklyn include ridding yourself of the unappealing spider veins entirely. This is done by Dr. Ghatan safely, effectively, and with minimum discomfort. Laser light is utilized to destroy the spider veins with heat. Scar tissue forms and closes off the vein, essentially solving the problem. This occurs over a period of time that can range from months to as long as a year or more for all the spider veins to be eliminated. It’s a process that works, however. Call us today to schedule a consultation and examination.

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