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Brooklyn Laser Surgeon

There are various treatment options available for treating the skin disease called vitiligo. Among them are ultraviolet A (UVA) phototherapy combined with an oral or topical medication called Psoralen; both non-steroid and corticosteroid treatment applied topically; and depigmentation therapy. And while all of them are effective to various degrees, they all share one important aspect: they are not cures. Our Brooklyn laser surgeon, Dr. Ghatan, does have another solution, though. And unlike the other remedies that we’ve already mentioned, you will be able to avoid the potential for side effects that are common with them.

With the Excicmer laser, our Brooklyn laser surgeon can use ultraviolet B (UVB) light therapy in a way that is superior to the typical method of delivering phototherapy. It features a more precise way to target the problem tissue. In addition, it requires far less time. You may be interested to know that in standard phototherapy, it will often require from 60 to as many as 150 treatment session. The Excimer laser, however, will usually cause you to need only about 30 treatments, or even less in many cases. You can expect each session to last about five minutes. And best of all, it’s totally pain-free. It’s simply, very effective, and fast. What more could you ask?

Excimer laser treatments are more costly, but because you will need considerably fewer sessions, it tends to still be reasonable. So, instead of spending a period of years to complete your treatment protocol, it can be done by our Brooklyn laser surgeon in just months. The first step, of course, is to call us and schedule an appointment so that our Brooklyn laser surgeon can examine you and discuss the options that will be best for you and your unique circumstances. While not every treatment is the best for everyone, there is reason to be excited at the possibilities that the Excimer laser offers.

We’re also pleased to tell you that in addition to addressing vitiligo, our Brooklyn laser surgeon’s laser skin treatments can also be very helpful in dealing with concerns such as unsightly white spots, uneven skin color, stretch marks, and skin abnormalities caused by burns or injuries.

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