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Brooklyn Dermatology Office

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Laser skin care

Brooklyn dermatology office
Brooklyn dermatology office

There have been many great advances in medicine over past years that include the use of lasers. Lasers have become very prevalent in helping serve many dermatologic problems. If you are looking for a dermatologist that practices laser surgery in Brooklyn Dermatology Office, then you will want to visit our practice of Dr. Ghatan.

At our practice, Dr. Eliot Ghatan provides patients with the most current medical and cosmetic treatments to improve the health and appearance of the skin. Our practice is here to help you with whatever your skin problem is. If you are worried about a particular mole, or have developed an annoying and spreading rash, we will be able to help you. We offer expert and friendly care for all of our patients. We also offer laser surgery in Brooklyn Dermatology Office to treat a range of dermatology problems. Laser skin surgery is able to provide effective treatments for a host of skin problems.

At our office, laser surgery in Brooklyn Dermatology Office is often used to treat mild to moderate psoriasis. This treatment is concentrated and painless. An ultraviolet light is delivered to psoriatic lesions with the help of a hand piece that rests directly on the skin. The laser is able to safely deliver high-dose treatments for psoriasis that will cause the lesions to clear up quickly and go into remission for a long time. This treatment option is effective for treating stubborn plaques – even those areas that have not previously responded to other treatments. The laser also makes it possible to treat hard to treat areas including: knees; elbows; and the scalp. Most patients are able to enjoy several months of remissions, during which they do not need treatment after completing an initial 8 laser sessions. The laser is also a very effect treatment for the removal of unwanted hair. The laser hair removal process uses a low-energy laser that gently removes unwanted hair. After treatment patients are freed of having to do routine shaving and waxing. And large areas can be treated at one time. The treatments are safe, fast, gentle and effective. If you would like to see our fine dermatologist to discuss your specific skin problem, contact our practice today for an appointment.

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