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Bensonhurst Psoriasis Doctor

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Laser treatment for psoriasis in Bensonhurst

Bensonhurst psoriasis doctor
Bensonhurst psoriasis doctor

Are you seeking a Bensonhurt psoriasis doctor? Don’t hesitate; call our office at the practice of Dr. Ghatan to book an appointment with a specialist who truly cares!

At the office of Dr. Ghatan, our team of highly trained and seasoned professionals is dedicated to maximizing the health and appearance of our patients’ skin. We’re proud to bring top tier dermatology treatments to our fellow members of the Bensonhurst community and we share a genuine concern for helping our patients reach their various skin goals. That’s why we’re sure to go the extra mile to use advanced technology and training to offer the most effective treatments possible. Our wide variety of services includes cosmetic procedures, KELOID removal, laser hair removal, laser wrinkle removal, liposuction for moles and warts, laser spider vein removal, lip enhancement and reduction, laser treatment for freckles and brown spots, chemical peels, tattoo removal, scar correction, microdermabrasion, torn ear lobe repair, botox injections, and eyelid surgery. WE also treat dermatology and dermatologic surgery, STD and VD, hair loss, nail problems, skin care products, skin discoloration, acne, bug bites and rashes, psoriasis and eczema, growth removal, skin cancer, complexion problems, laser lunchtime superpeels, and fotofacial laser rejuvination. Are you seeking a Bensonhurst psioriasis doctor to oversee your laser treatments for psioriasis? Call our office today to discuss the matter with a trained professional who truly cares. We use an EX-308 eximer laser to create a concentrated but painless beam of ultraviolet light that can be delivered to psioratic lesions through a handheld piece of equipment that is directly applied to the skin. Because this method allows only active lesions to be targeted by the treatments, the process allows for a safe deliverance of high-dose treatments for fast clearing and long remission.

To learn more about whether you could be a good candidate for laser treatment, call your local Bensonhurst psoriasis doctor, Dr. Ghatan!

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